My Online Notebook

By Max Antonucci

My one-stop repo for notes on programming, web development, nonfiction, and whatever else I find useful.

NOTE: These are personal references, not definite guides. So don't get mad if there's stuff some notes don't cover. Many will be frequently updated or unfinished.


Web accessibility is an oft-overlooked yet vital part of the front-end.

CSS and Sass

Everyone's favorite front-end styling language. Don't diss the cascade.

Web Design

Making web sites look pretty, and not like cookie-cutter Bootstrap.


Ember is a powerful JavaScript framework with a high learning curve but powerful scaffolding, lots of included functionality, and a great community.


We can all learn from fiction too, y'know. Long as it's not smutty fan-fiction.


Broader topics and lessons and creating and managing front-end code.


Love it or hate it, JavaScript is here to stay.

Non Fiction

Useful books and lessons from non-coding topics.

General Programming

Coding knowledge not related to a specific language, or just one I know well.


The JavaScript library everyone loves, hates, loves to hate, or will someday devour the Internet.


Back-end programming magic and goodness that is wondrous beyond words.

Ruby on Rails

All that wondrousness in a more wondrous-ful app framework.

Sonic Pi

Turning Ruby code into synthesized music.

Soft Skills

Non-programming skills still important to a successful career and life.


A lightweight yet powerful JavaScript framework that'll hopefully replace Angular completely someday.